Sakatah Carvers

Signs and Creations


  • How much does a carving or sign cost?
    • Every project is different and price varies for each.  The best way to meet your needs it so come up with a budget and we will show you what we can do for your budget.
  • How long does an ice sculpture last?
    • Ice Sculptures longevity is dependent on a variety of factors of conditions and weather they are exposed to.   The Sun is a huge factor in the detritions of the sculpture.  If the temperatures stay below freezing and can be out of the sun, the sculpture can last quite some time.  We have had sculptures last over a month in the right conditions.
  • Where does the ice come from?
    • The ice is specifically made for ice sculptures.  It is made perfectly clear and is food grade.  The ice is of the highest quality that shows the best and lasts the longest.
  • How large is a signal block of ice?
    • An individual block measures 10” x 20” x40” and weighs 300 lbs or 136 kg